Great article Chantalle Dumonceaux, well written. You’ve described a pretty important philosophical realization here. It’s a realization that my generation (i.e. Millennial) in-particular seems to struggle with — and that is the existence, or lack thereof, of objective truths.

Generally your average, liberal Millennial will try to maintain an open mind and indifferent stance towards other cultures, races, etc. And s/he usually does this for the best possible reasons: S/he is trying to be accepting, fair and non-judgmental. This is good.

But unfortunately over the past 75 years or so postmodernists have turned relativism into mental wasteland where the truth is all a matter of perspective. There’s my truth, your truth, his truth and her truth — everything that we believe is merely a narrative and therefore subjective.

Your moral judgments about my doing something wrong are irrelevant. This is obviously a problem. Society can’t function without agreeing to at least some objective truths.

Relativists and postmodernists are correct to insist that a lot of the ideas of our culture are not universal truths, even some that most people assume are universal truths.

However, relativism and postmodernism are incorrect because it says that all knowledge depends on the context.

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Homo Sapien

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