Thanksgiving 2020: Political Reconciliation

Line up and shake hands. I remember having to do it at the end of every game I played as a kid. Whether we won or lost, at the end of every game we’d have to line up and shake hands. That, on this Thanksgiving 2020, is exactly what I feel the Republicans and Democrats need to do.

Me, myself a Democrat, upon seeing my candidate’s victory I felt a surge of “I told you so” coursing through my veins. But now, as a few days have gone by, I’ve noticed a kind of immoral gloating among my fellow Democrats…

Here we are, several weeks into coronavirus-inspired social distancing and remote work. Adjusting to these unique times while staying productive has, for some, been a challenge. Fear not! Here’s a guide to help you develop effective habits during chaotic times.

Building Effective Long-Term Habits

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Few have embodied this eternally pertinent quote more fully than its author, Benjamin Franklin. Like many great men and women, Franklin looked at his success with equal parts contentment and confusion. After thinking long and hard about his life, though, Franklin came up with incredibly useful advice that has stood the…

Unsolicited Health Advice

The body often rewards those who decide to physically try harder with pain and injury. It’s a cruel joke. You say “I’m going to start going to the gym and weightlifting 3 times a week this year.” And then, by the end of January, you have a freshly torn deltoid and a new limp.

This is basically what happened to me with my shin splints. I was already in good shape coming into the year, but I decided to strengthen cardio throughout 2020 so that by the end of the year I could knock out, at least, 10-mile runs a…

What the Hell Happened?

I’ve been watching West World Season 3 with a growing sense of despair. Where once the HBO series was characterized by a compelling Scifi exploration of ancient philosophical themes like identity, the nature of consciousness, what it means to be human, the nature of pain, pleasure, etc. Has now become a Michael-Bay-style blockbuster with no heart.

This wouldn’t be the first Michael Crichton adaptation that went the way of ‘Transformers,’ think about the Jurassic Park series — it basically did the same thing. The first Jurassic Park (a personal favorite) offered a thrilling blend of science, action, adventure, and the…

On Envy and Celebrity and Stuff

We’re not even through our appetizers yet when it, he, the conversation inevitably, invariably arrives.

“You talked to Tyler?”

“No,” I say, “not really.”

Since his meteoric rise on The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron has managed to garner several major endorsement deals, a harem of A-List celebrities, and more Instagram followers than Whitney Cummings (1 million), Chris Hardwick (1.5 million), Angelina Jolie (under 1 million), Conan O'Brien (1.5 million), Venus Williams (1.2 million), David Spade (2.1 million), and Beyoncé (kidding).

TC and I are friends — see, I even know his nickname — so I wasn’t surprised to find him dancing…

On the Nature of Physical Fitness

Adam and I were in similar shape and around the same age and so, naturally, we ignored each other. That is until one day when I finally mustered up some courage, “Hey bro,” I pointed to the squat rack, “help me on this?” There were three 45 lb. plates (a respectable weight) on each side.

Adam pulled out his earbuds, “Sure,” he said, “You want a lift?”

I shook my head, “Just watch me. I’m going for three.”

Two things happened that day: One, I set a new PR and two, I made a new friend.

Fast forward to today…

A Day at Defy Bouncehouse With My Little Brother

DEFY in Port St. Lucie

In a playground, a prison, full of kids — full of kids, and run by kids. The young ones jump on trampolines and swing on ropes into foam pits while the old ones (16 at best) watch with practiced indifference. They watch and blow their whistles and say “No shoving!” And “One at a time!” And things like that. One of them uses a megaphone to inform newcomers there is “No running.” They, the newcomers, literally vibrate as he speaks. “Okay,” he finally opens the gate. The kids rush passed forgetting my toes, their parents, and especially not to run.

How Political Polarization Affects Your Taste

Credit: Unsplash

A twangy song slipped out of my earbuds and into the aisle. It drew a critical look from the woman next to me. I shrank down into my seat and lowered the volume.

“Who was that?” She asked.

Pretending to play dumb, “Who?” I said.

“The music.”

“Ah, just some old guy…Charlie Daniels.”

“Oh,” She sipped her drink, “So you like Country?”

“It’s not Country,” I lied. “Not unless you call Bob Dylan or David Bowie Country?”

“No,” she shook her head, “I love those guys.”

Phew, disaster averted.

Country ≠ Cool

I learned the shame of liking Country music back when all…

A Movie Review

Martin Scorsese released a movie on NetFlix. Who would have thunk it? I won’t bog my opinion on the film down below paragraphs of summary or disclaimers, I’ll tell you right out of the gate: I think ‘The Irishman’ is a masterpiece. Moreover, I liked it more than ‘Goodfellas’ and, frankly, I think it’s the best think Scorsese has ever done.

There are a few things that struck me about The Irishman, first off is that, in spite of its 3.5-hour run time, it didn’t move slowly. This movie covers five decades of highly dramatic material and it does so…

I parked the car and, for the third time Michael “The Don” Lombardo (aka my older brother) asked me if I had my mouthpiece.

“Got it,” I said, “yeah.”

“And your headgear?”


“Gloves and shin guards?”

“Yup, yup.”



“Bro!” Mike said, “I told you.”

No he didn’t, I thought…Or did he? I couldn’t remember.

Mike swallowed his frustration, “Alright,” he said, “No big deal…Just do this,” like knocking on a door, he tapped his crotch.

“If they ask you if you have a cup,” he said, “just do that and say yeah.”

And with that, we were…

Gerald Lombardo

Homo Sapien

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